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June colouringbook Trade by neomonki June colouringbook Trade by neomonki
My submission for this month for :iconmaddiemax: as a part of :iconcoloringbook:

The theme was sunset ... and she said that I could do whatever I wanted sooo ..... the first thing that came to me was naked fairies. >_> Exactly. Wtf?

Ah well. It still like it. Just wish I had made it bigger. :/ That and I need some background training big time. Blah. Couldn't think of what to put there but that big blue yonder.
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orangecaribou Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006
I've seen the green/grey background again and again, but this is the first one where the absence of the background becomes part of the picture, the way it curls about. Very, very cool.
leoraigarath Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2005  Professional Writer
I really like this one! it's concept is so beautiful...
Ethelin Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
Really cute. Great inspiration, thanks. :bow: I will add this to my :+fav:
razorsharpcandy Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2005
even if you insist you're not good at colouring, i still love your pallete,...
GawainesAngel Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2005
Lovely! You should illustrate children's books or something. Seriously, you have a wonderful, creative mind! Lots of fun without being childish or overbearingly bright. If that makes sense ^^;
ArtimasStudio Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
very beautiful!! i love the colours!! nice work with the shading!
maristar Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like the colors a lot :D
The lighting is quite nice and I think the background is more than sufficient ^^
I love how the stem fades into the blueish shade towards the bottom and all the back lighting :)
Asaphira Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005
oh wow.. I really love the style and composition in here... reminds me of a fairytale book ^____^ the colors are perfect and beautiful!
Lanaevia Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005
Wow, very nice coloring :O
indigofox Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005  Professional Filmographer
I love the colours! O_O
lastdove Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
The colors and the lack of black lines just makes this sooo.. enchanting-like. looovee the leisurely little fairy, so sweet. *3*~~
Zombie-Graves Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005  Professional General Artist
I like your style. You have a good scratchy rawness (I think that's what I mean) coupled with a beautiful coloring style, and the underlighting is masterfully done.
Frankly, I like the background. I think it provides some comforting white space to offset the detailed flower.
neomonki Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
Thank you. ^^ I appreciate your comments~ I'm having an urge ot make it more complete but at the same time I didn't make it much bigger so it wouldn't be very print worthy. ._. and I might lose the effect it already has if I "finish" but I'm glad you like it. :)
kharabeet Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
No! The background is PERFECT!
So did you draw it? Color it?
It's absolutely fantastic! I love how the fairy is so hidden in the flower!
I was going to favorite it (still am), should I favorite it for someone else too, if you did do only the coloring or drawing?
neomonki Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
lol. yes. this is all mine.
kharabeet Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005
GASP! *dies*
It's LURVLY! :glomp:
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June 23, 2005
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